About us

Accessible and Inclusive Biomedical Informatics and Data Science (AIBIDS) is a short-term research training program funded by the National Library of Medicine for undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds including person who identify as belonging to minority or disability group

AIBIDS is a full-time 10-week authentic research internship in biomedical informatics and data science under the guidance of a mentor (faculty member or trainee) at either the University of Pittsburgh or Gallaudet University.

Students will be immersed in an authentic full-time mentored research experiences from one of more than 11 informatics topic areas:

Students will be taught by a tiered mentoring team that includes over 25 faculty with a wealth of experience working with students from backgrounds that are under-represented in STEM. 

The program will also offer a novel biomedical informatics and data science American Sign Language interpreting mentorship that will provide advanced language training and increase the accessibility of the field.  

Funding for AIBIDS is provide by the National Library of Medicine grant R25 LM014208 Building Accessible and Inclusive Paths for Students in Biomedical Informatics and Data Science.